May 25, 2022

Zinah Releases Her First EP

Emerging artist Zinah has released her maiden EP, “Rose Garden” and is ready for the South African music scene to know exactly who she is.
The Durban born multi-talented artist (full name Zinah Rose Msimang) in 2021 signed to David Gresham Records after catching their eye and now she plans to prove to her fans exactly what she is all about.
A few days prior to the release of “Rose Garden”, IOL Entertainment got a taste of the music at Zinah’s listening session.
The EP contains six powerful tracks that are fun and catchy and will have you moving right along to the songs.
Zinah worked with in-house producers Ziggy and Sloan who were able to bring her vision to life very well.
Being her first EP, Zinah is justifiably nervous but at the listening session she said she is excited and grateful.
Zinah shared at the listening session that her aim is for people to get to know her through her EP and that is why she opted not to have any features on “Rose Garden”.
Anyone who encounters Zinah or her music will become aware of how strong and fierce this young black woman is.
When it comes to her lyrics, this lady is certainly assertive and does not mince her words. On tracks such as “Frappuccino”, she gets sassy and shows off a different side to her bubbly self.
Zinah is also quite the rapper; not only does she have great vocals but she can also can hold a rap flow.
On “Frappuccino”, she shows this off.
Hearing Zinah’s music certainly reminded me of pop artists such as Normani and Ariana Grande.
She seems to have gotten a wrap of pop music.The kind of music that gets stuck in your head for hours and hours.
Having began her musical journey at a young age, it seems music was always on the cards for Zinah and her family has played a huge part in her career by supporting her along her journey.
It was quite beautiful to see her parents and brother right by her side as she released her first EP.
“Rose Garden” is filled with roses for her fans to pick from and enjoy.
The EP is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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