Woman Tattoos Permanent Baby Hair On Her Forehead

South Africa and even abroad, having “edges” is once again the “in” thing. Women with natural hair, weaves, braids and basically, any kinds of hairstyles and dos are using brushes to flatten the baby hairs that grow on the edge of their hairline and if you haven’t guessed – they’re calling it edges.

One woman has taken her obsession with edges way too far after deciding to get some permanently tattooed on her face.

If you’re haven’t seen or heard that edges are the latest craze in the world of hair then you’ve certainly been living under a rock.

Edges seemingly came back into fashion just over a year ago after it became quite forgotten and more women than ever are joining the trend this time.

While some women opt for a more subtle look, others prefer the drama. One woman definitely chose drama when she decided to get some extra large edges tattooed across her forehead.

While it probably isn’t the worst tattoo idea in the world – it isn’t exactly normal. The post of her final product was shared on Facebook by a page called @celebrities.

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