Woman Gets Scammed R30k On TikTok

Step aside Tinder Swindler, the TikTok scammers have come to play! A woman was robbed of R30k after trying to buy a car on the app.
Social media is currently buzzing about Netflix’s Tinder Swindler and haven’t stopped discussing the documentary’s antagonist, “Simon Leviev”. With all the scamming business that has been brought to light, another young woman shared how her colleague fell victim to a TikTok car scam.
Many have shared their thoughts on people who fall for scams and those who manage to trick innocent social media users into doing just about anything.!
If there’s one thing that people can never be too careful about, it’s social media. Not only are there mental health red flags when it comes to the various social media applications people use, but there are also merciless thugs waiting for their next victim.
At the moment many eyes have been opened to the scary side of social media after Netflix aired their documentary, Tinder Swindler.
The show follows the stories of three young women who were swindled out of millions of dollars by a young man who posed as a billionaire and actually lived like one – with their money of course.

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