May 25, 2022

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Get your ducks in a row as this is the last weekend to prepare for Valentine’s Day.
If you’re planning on surprising your significant other, may sure you look the part. Whether going out on a date or staying indoors, you have to look good for the special occasion.
And just because it’s Valentine’s doesn’t mean you should wear red and white, that’s outdated. You can throw in a bit of red here and there, but be creative about it.

For him

Don’t forget to put on your favourite cologne and a watch so that your date can see you’re not there to waste their time. Most importantly, get a sleek cut and make sure you shave or trim your beard.

For her

For jewellery, if you’re going big on earrings then wear a small necklace and vice versa.
If you have an afro, style it to make sure it takes the spotlight. A baguette bag should be able to carry all your essentials. Don’t forget perfume and a smile to complete the look.

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