UPDATE: Kris Jenner Ex-Bodyguard Sues Her For S@xual Harassment

Kris Jenner’s former bodyguard Marc Williams is accusing her of exposing herself to him, then having him fired when he refused to entertain her advances.

In 2020, the former bodyguard sued the momager for grabbing his bum, exposing herself to him, and then having him fired when he refused to entertain her advances, Daily Mail reports.
The mother of the “Kardashian Dynasty” allegedly sexually assaulted him while they were out in her luxury Bentley, the 45-year-old charged in February.
“She began making comments to plaintiff of a flirtatious and overtly sexual nature,” said his attorney Sean Novak in legal documents.

“Without warning, Jenner placed her right hand on the inside upper left thigh and groin area of McWilliams in a manner that was overtly sexually offensive. She then caused her right hand to move up the upper, inner left thigh and groin while caressing McWilliams.

“McWilliams was shocked and offended by the uninvited and overtly sexual contact by Jenner and attempted to shift away from her groping. As he moved his body away from the offensive sexual contact, Jenner’s right hand come into contact with McWilliams’ inner groin and genital area.”

Marc reportedly alerted the human resources department of the security company that employed him about the alleged harassment, but he says he was ignored, according to CBS.

Marc was then relieved of his duties as Kris’s bodyguard but continued working for her daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, until he was fired in September 2019, he said.

Marc also claimed that after his firing, he endured “harassment, intimidation and otherwise threatening misconduct to prevent him from reporting the unlawful misconduct”, The Sun reports.

Kris’s attorney, Marty Singer, denied the allegations in a statement to Daily Mail, saying “Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian vehemently deny the completely false claims made by former security guard Marc.”

During a court hearing last week, Judge Armen Tamzarian gave Kris and Marc 12 months to find an arbitrator and come up with an agreement.

The arbitrator, usually a private judge, will listen to both their arguments and come up with a settlement or agreement.

Marc initially sued the Keeping up with the Kardashian’s reality star for R45,8 million.

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