August 11, 2022

University of Groningen Talent Grant 2022

The University of Groningen is offering educational grants in Master’s programs in Educational Sciences for international students.

The University of Groningen developed during the first decades of the twentieth century. The number of faculties and courses grew steadily while the number of students grew rapidly. When the university celebrated its first 300 years in 1914 there were 611 registered students; this had grown to 1,000 by 1924. After a drop back during the Depression, and in particular during the Second World War, the number of students grew rapidly from 1945 to reach 20,000 in 1994. In recent times there are about 32,700 students registered at the University of Groningen with the number of foreign students again growing steadily, and following the tradition set by the first Rector Magnificus, the number of German students and researchers has grown strongly in recent years.

In March 2015, the RUG signed an agreement with the China Agricultural University to establish a campus in the Chinese city of Yantai. This would have made the RUG the first Dutch university to open a campus in China. The plan was heavily criticised, mainly due to worries about the restriction of academic freedom caused by censorship in China. In January 2018, the plans were cancelled by the Executive Board of the UG, based on the “insufficient support for the project”.

Degree Level

University of Groningen Talent Grant: Educational Sciences (MSc), Netherlands 2022 is available to undertake Masters level programs at University of Groningen.


Following courses are available to study under this scholarship program.

Educational Sciences

Scholarship Benefits

Selected candidates will be awarded € 4000 once.

Eligible Nationalities

All Nationalities

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have been admitted to the MSc Educational Sciences can be awarded a grant when they are not able to self-finance in full and are not eligible for other (full) funding.

Application Procedure

Candidates can apply for this grant by sending a letter of motivation in which they indicate that they are in need of a grant and would like to be considered for the Talent Grant: Educational Sciences (MSc). Email:

Application Deadline

1 May 2022

For more information on this scholarship click here

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