Uncle Waffles Fans Defend Her After Attack On Her UK Debut

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Local fans of Uncle Waffles have come to her defense online after she received a not-so-pleasant review of her performance in the UK.
Uncle Waffles made her UK debut at a sold-out venue, Aroma LDN. While Uncle Waffles may have had a great time performing, it seems not everyone was impressed.
Presenter @DaksOnline took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Uncle Waffles’s performance.
“Uncle Waffles’ set was like playing music in the car,” said @DaksOnline. His “review” of Uncle Waffles’s set did not sit well with her fans.
@MondeRay__ responded and said: “Imagine UK people telling us what’s good or not about piano 😭wild”.
@Nomfundo__M said: “Not the UK people having opinions on what we groove to happily every weekend 😒”
In response to one tweep, @DaksOnline explained that amapiano is loved in the UK, but it’s just that his first time seeing Uncle Waffles performing was not great.
“loooool you know we LOVE Amapiano in the U.K. We love the culture and our grooves are actually vibes. It’s just that last night (my first time seeing her) wasn’t great 🤷🏾‍♂️”
He said he’d had high expectations and they just weren’t met.
“She’s new to the game and with time and more experience she’ll shell events a lot more. I think we had a high expectation this side,” he tweeted.
That did not stop Uncle Waffles’s fans defending her online and it is understandable that they are standing firm.
It seems Uncle Waffles can hardly catch a break from all the criticism.
Ever since she burst onto the scene in late 2021 with her viral performance video at a live show, many people on social media appear to believe she is merely the flavour of the month and have expressed doubt about her long-term potential in the music industry.

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