Trevor Noah Slams The Media Coverage Of The Russia/Ukraine Conflict

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been the main topic in the media since the war began and the media has played a part in showing the people whats on the ground The USA based South African comedian Trevor Noah has however slammed the media for their double standards while reporting The Daily Show host pointed out that many reporters noted that war was not expected in a developed country but in third world African countries and the Middle East .
The media has played a pivotal role in showing people all over the world what is happening in Ukraine after Russia attacked the country. Trevor Noah has accused the media of being racist in the coverage of the Russia/Ukraine war ,calling out some media houses and reporters for their double standards while covering the conflict, sharing various clips of reporters from different parts of the world reporting on how Ukraine is not a “developing nation or third world country” but a European nation.
Trevor said news reporters seemed to suggest that war should not happen in a European country like Ukraine but rather in African and Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq.
According to Newsweek, the comedian said he had been glued to the TV watching the news all weekend. That was when he realized that many people were not expecting a war to breakout in Europe. He said:
“And beyond the war itself … there’s a really interesting thing that I learned. And that is: A lot of people on TV didn’t expect a war like this to happen in, let’s say, certain neighborhoods.”

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