May 25, 2022


Netflix New Crime Documentary ’The Tinder Swindler'

Tinder Swindler scammer Simon Leviev is cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame, and is even hoping to kickstart a Hollywood career!
By now everyone and their mother knows about Simon Leviev, the colourful character behind Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler.
But being thrust into the spotlight thanks to his fraudulent crimes is not enough for the Israeli man – he now has his sights set on becoming a real star.
The former conman even has plans to relocate to Hollywood and rub shoulders with A-listers!
Simon Leviev may have been painted as a villain in Tinder Swindler, but he’s laughing all the way to the bank by cashing in on his soaring popularity.
According to reports, he has signed with celebrity publicist Gina Rodriguez, to manage his venture into the entertainment industry.
TMZ claims Simon has plans to write a book, and host a relationship podcast where he shares the dos and don’ts of dating.
The notorious conman has even reportedly pitched a controversial new dating TV show, which would see women competing for his love.
Meanwhile representatives for Simon Leviev claim that Instagram continues to discriminate against him by restricting his account.
The reps added that hundreds of fake accounts have been opened in Simon’s name.
The spokesperson told Newsweek: “Simon has one Instagram account which is currently being restricted by Instagram. He does not have any other Instagram accounts and has only had the same one since 2020. Simon did not write any of the captions on any of the fake accounts.”
“People have stolen his videos and pics and made hundreds of fake accounts and are posting his videos and pics. It is not him.”

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