‘Tinder Swindler’ Gets Scammed Out Of R101k

Simon Leviev Offers Personalized Messages For R3k

The famous ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev just got scammed out of over R101k while trying to get his Instagram page verified.
Simon Leviev has become very well known after Netflix aired a documentary called Tinder Swindler that tells the tale of how the young man swindled a number of women out of millions of dollars. It appears his newfound fame has attracted a bit of trouble after an Instagram couple allegedly turned the tables and swindled him out of over $6,664 (R101 141,73)
It appears that even a thief gets robbed every once in a while.
Simon Leviev aka the Tinder Swindler learned this the hard way after he was conned into paying an Instagram couple R101k to have his account verified and all his fake accounts removed from the social media app.
TMZ reports that Leviev was contacted by a woman who was verified on the app and offered to get him verified too.
She then claimed that her boyfriend works at Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta and would be able to get both him and his girlfriend Kate Konlin verified for only $6,664 (over R100k).
To make sure that the deal was legit, Leviev reportedly FaceTime’d the boyfriend who appeared to be sitting in a Meta office while very busy “at work.”
The Tinder Swindler then made a wire transfer to the young couple – a decision he would come to regret after his manager called the actual Meta offices to make sure the deal was legit.
Unfortunately, they were informed that they do not charge people to get accounts verified.
Heading back online, Leviev and his team tried frantically to get a hold of the couple but they appeared to have vanished into thin air with no online profiles or any means of contact.
The good news is that Meta has since helped Leviev get his profile verified which will probably help him stand out from the dozens of fake profiles which have popped ever since the Netflix documentary.

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