Tik Tok Star Shot Dead Outside His House In Soweto

Have You Tried The Viral TikTok's Anger Test?

A popular Tik Tok user, who goes by @warona_miah, was shot outside his Soweto him last night. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and died on the scene.
@Warona_miah, whose real name is Hector, was popular for making funny videos of him dressed in women’s lingerie.
A lot of people believe that he was killed because he had started to make a lot of money and people were very jealous of his newfound success.
@u_gunman left this comment, “We always say it, make your money and leave the hood. There is nothing for you there. Similar thing happened in my hood years ago. A guy got killed after buying his polo a month ago, shot at the front gate, the killers left the car and his wallet. Keys in the ignition.”
His death is in connection with Heavy Pablo Shooting At The Parking Lot In Sandton City Mall last week.
CCTV film has surfaced via online media uncovering how the socialite was shot to a ridiculous degree.
While he walked around of the shopping center, a few obscure shooters drove past him and promptly took shots at him on numerous occasions.
The police are yet to affirm the legitimacy of the video which has now turned into a web sensation via online media.

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