South Africa Tells Russia To Withdraw From Ukraine

Sean Penn In Ukraine Making Documentary On Russian Invasion

As Russian troops and tanks are pushed into Ukraine and airstrikes hit the country’s capital Kyiv, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared martial law across the country. Ukrainian Ambassador to South Africa Liubov Abravitova speaks more about this.
JOHANNESBURG – South Africa has joined other countries in calling on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.
Pretoria says the United Nations Charter encourages member states to settle disputes by peaceful means.
South Africa is urging all parties to approach the situation in the spirit of compromise, respecting international law.
Russia faces unprecedented isolation as countries impose sanctions at the back of the attack.
The stock index fell more than 20 percent and trading on all markets has been suspended.
That nosedive saw over $180-billion wiped off in value.
Russia is the R- in Brics — a bloc South Africa is part of.

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