Somizi Mhlongo Tells To Woes Of Being Famous(VIDEO)

A Look Into Somizi Mhlongo's Luxury Vacation(VIDEOS)

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has been in the entertainment industry for decades.
So he knows best how things work and what to expect, one thing he probably did not expect is that while he takes a long break, others around him need to get back to work.
This week the star took to Instagram to say that it was lonely at the top and suggested he needed to have friends who were not preoccupied with work.

You know when they say ‘it’s lonely at the top’, I get it, I really get it, I can relate.
“Look now, I come from the gym, I am alone, all my friends are at 9 to 5.
“I want to play tennis, but no one is available, I want to go and have brunch, no one is available, I want to go horseback riding, no one is available. How I wish Motsepe was my bestie because wow”,
he said in a video he posted.

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