Slik Talk Apologizes to Riky Rick’s Wife Bianca

Bianca Naidoo Final Tribute To Riky Rick

Popular Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk who became popular for calling out celebrities. The content creator, however, went too far when he made a video for Riky Rick’s wife, Bianca Naidoo.
YouTuber Slik Talk has issued a heartfelt apology to Riky Rick’s widow Bianca following one of his videos The content creator faced heavy backlash from social media users when he made the insensitive video calling Bianca out.
He, however, took down the distasteful video 30 minutes after posting it and apologised to the late rapper’s wife
In the now-deleted video, Slik Talk asked what Bianca had done to help Riky Rick with his depression. Riky Rick took his own life and was cremated after a private funeral
The vlogger issued an apology in a video on his YouTube channel. Slik Talk admitted that his video was insensitive and distasteful, and he did not expect it to have the impact it had.
“I apologise to Bianca Naidoo, Riky Rick’s wife, for the video I made about her. It was extremely insensitive, very distasteful. I was out of order. I was speculating, I didn’t think the video would do what it did. I uploaded the video and deleted it in 30 minutes. But there were already clips on Twitter … I hope the video didn’t get to you. And if it did, just know I am apologetic about what I said.”

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