Simon Leviev Offers Personalized Messages For R3k

what a joke Tinder Swindler scammer Simon Leviev Now offers a personalized message for just R300…
Now that his Tinder Swindling days are behind him thanks to his dating app ban, Simon Leviev is forced to seek other revenue streams
To add to that the Israeli convicted criminal is now easily recognizable thanks to the Netflix documentary, making any chance of duping an unsuspecting woman that much more difficult
But Simon is using what is working against him for his benefit by cashing in on his conman reputation.
After gaining even more fans and followers than before, Simon Leviev is hoping to make money through cameo video messages to his biggest admirers.
Recently, Simon Leviev made headlines again after claims that he is pursuing a Hollywood career through a celebrity agent. His plans include hosting a relationship podcast and even writing a book. The notorious Netflix star has even reportedly pitched a controversial new dating TV show.
Simon has also registered on, a video sharing website which allows celebs to send personalized messages to fans.
He posted on his profile: “Excited to be on Cameo to wish the special person in your life whatever you need!”.
For a personal message, Simon charges just R3000. However, if you want the convicted conman to create unique video content to your group of employers or friends, you’re looking at a hefty R30 000.
In his cameo messages, Simon Leviev offers several options; a belated Valentine’s Day message, a pep talk, a birthday wish or even the chance to roast you!
Upon hearing that Simon Leviev has big plans to secure the big, one of his victims Pernilla Sjoholm angrily reacted in an interview.
Speaking on talk show; The Tamron Hall show, the Swedish woman expressed her disgust. She told the host: “To be honest, I was heartbroken to see any company to collaborate with a criminal. He is wanted, still, in Europe, so he’s just hiding in Israel at the moment.
“We’re coming out here, sharing our story, trying to share the world a criminal and what he’s doing . For anyone to collaborate with these types of people, like, it’s honestly, it’s very heartbreaking.
“To see like, he has a manager, it’s a woman. As a woman, I don’t know how you can go to bed at night. I mean, this could be your daughter that this happened to, it could be your sister, your family member.
“It’s not that he scammed us, he put death threats on us. I mean, like, it’s serious things.”

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