Rihanna Reveals Her New Goal

The “Love on the Brain” hitmaker – who has recently been more focused on her fashion and beauty lines – wants customers to step out of her boutiques, which just opened in five locations including Los Angeles and Las Vegas, feeling self-assured.
The 34-year-old fashion and beauty mogul told Refinery29: “The whole idea of the retail space is that I wanted women and men to come in and feel represented, to walk away from the experience feeling confident and that they belong.
“I’ve experienced being a customer and shopping in the lingerie space and have felt as if I didn’t fit the mould of the product.
“But Savage x Fenty is very inclusive, and I want to continue to expand on that so that our consumers can feel our commitment within the retail space.”
The Fenty Beauty creator modelled all the shop’s mannequins “off of real people” to allow customers to “feel seen and sexy”.
She said: “You know, we actually cast all of the mannequins off of real people. I wanted to make sure we included as many different body types as possible because you don’t get to see curvy women and curvy men in this aspect. It was important because everyone wants to feel seen and sexy.”
Rihanna – who recently revealed that she is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky – is “really into pushing the idea of sexy” as a mother-to-be.
She added: “When women get pregnant, society tends to make it feel like you hide, hide your sexy, and that you’re not sexy right now (but) you’ll get back there and I don’t believe in that s***.
“So I’m trying stuff that I might not have even had the confidence to try before I was pregnant. The strappiest, the thinnest, and the more cut-outs the better for me.”

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