Reason Claims He Looks Foreign

Local rapper Reason has had a moment of realization of just how foreign he looks.
The rapper is very much South African but sometimes even he finds himself looking like his African brothers.
The “Azania” rapper shared that he realizes exactly how foreign he looks whenever Nigerians walk directly up to him and spoke in one of the native languages of the country.
“I don’t realis how foreign I look until Nigerian brothers walk up to me speaking their language,” he tweeted.
Reason surely must be left feeling some type of way when someone walks up to him and starts speaking Yoruba or Igbo to him, especially since he is Tshwane speaking.
I don’t realise how foreign I look untill Nigerian brothers walk up to me speaking their language. 🤦🏾‍♂️
His followers seemed to also understand why Nigerian brothers would think he was one of their own.
@KgosiKevin said “It’s the shape of your head 😂😂😂😂 it’s giving out Oluwa Omoja Desola Adeshewa 😂😂😂”
One tweep explained that they have experienced the same except with Mozambicans and Ghanaians.
The tweep went on to say that he finds this encounter cool and reckons that there is an ancestral link to the resemblance.
@ilovegreens said, “Same, I experienced this with Mozambicans, Ghanaians and sometimes Nigerians. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
“I’d just smile and blink shyly. It’s actually cool but there could be an ancestral link that I don’t know off. The ones I know are what was expected, except for one but I love that dlozi too.”

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