Rea Gopane Refuses To Pay Bonang Matheba

Local podcaster Rea Gopane has said he’s not giving Bonang Matheba “a cent“.
Rea and the Queen B have been at odds with each other after the “Everything SA Music TV” host claimed in one of his podcast episodes that she introduced her ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA, to cocaine.
Last week, the media personality shared that the court upheld the claim for damages and that Rea has to pay her R300 000 plus legal costs.
“After hearing the argument relating to the unlawful conduct of Mr Gopane, the court upheld my claim for damages, and in a precedent-setting judgment, ordered that Mr Gopane pay damages in the amount of R300 000 plus the legal costs of the action,” part of the statement said.

Going on a rant on Twitter over the weekend, Rea shared a video announcing that Bonang wouldn’t be getting a cent from him.
He followed this up with a string of tweets and started off by saying that he would “rather burn every single rand that I will ever make in my entire life than give it to that other queen of yours.“
Furthermore, he said he can’t be controlled and he’s not in the “same mental prison” as her fans.
Ending his rant by saying that “Bonang is just using your sheep behaviour to stay relevant in the eyes of the public. She’s great at it no lie but what surprises is how people just keep falling for it.”

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