Pearl Thusi Gets Blasted On Twitter

Pearl Thusi Gets Robbed

Local actress Pearl Thusi landed in hot water again after she laughed at a supposed South African “private joke” regarding Ari Lennox.
The “Queen Sono” star gave a strange response to Michael Bucwa aka Mr Smeg’s post stating that “Ari Lennox is not beautiful”, following the ongoing debate of the “Podcast and Chill with MacG” interview.
She said: “Wait! Guys! (This doesn’t mean I approve this message.)”
South African tweeps were left confused since it seems they didn’t know this private joke and called out Pearl for her initial response.
Ari Lennox says she will continue making music about sex & ‘misogynistic peasants’ can keep listening
“No really what’s the private joke?” asked @ilovebeyoncebut.
“In my next life I want to come back as Pearl Thusi’s singular brain cell. Always on leave, never required,” commented @stellenbaked.
“Pls we don’t know you,” said @BtlogeleB.

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