Naledi Radebe Gives Us All The Details On Her BET Africa Gig

Presenter Naledi Radebe recently took over the hosting reins from BET Africa presenter Nomalanga Shozi, who is currently on maternity leave.
Naledi, also popularly known as Leddi G is no stranger to the Mzansi entertainment scene, having made her debut ten years ago when she made the top three of the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search.
So much has happened since then as Leddi G has gone on to cultivate her own path in showbiz.
While she couldn’t believe that she got the gig when she received the call, Leddi G had secretly known for two months that she had clinched the gig, after a little birdy spilled the beans.
“I actually found out kind of earlier, somebody accidentally spilled the beans, so I found out like two months before they officially told me.In that waiting period of time I’ve never been more stressed. Cause I actually thought someone had gotten it wrong,” she revealed.
“After like one month, I was like my goodness are they not going to tell me and the second month goes past. Kind of like in the middle of January and I said guys whoever told me got the wrong information, this isn’t right,” said Leddi G.
When that call finally came through confirming what she already knew, she almost burst out laughing. The Cape Town native certainly believes her new gig was something that “was a long time coming”.
“I couldn’t believe it! But obviously it was very exciting because it was one of those things was a long time coming,” she said.
Leddi G is enjoying her time at Viacom so far and even admits that her “expectations were a lot more intense than the reality itself.”
She’s developed a great relationship with her producer, one that sees them both working together and ensuring that everyone is heard.
“It’s very much a collaborative space, it doesn’t feel like pressure, it honestly feels light,” Leddi G shared.
Things do tend to get pretty interesting when shoots are held outside as the dynamics switch from the studio.
“(Outdoor events) That’s where you need to be interactive, in the space. You have to have the confidence to approach people and interview them.
“Depending on the scene, there are certain places where you can walk up to people and they are absolutely delighted to be on television, they can’t wait.
“Whereas there’re other events where people are a lot more cooler, you have to find a way to slide into them. That’s probably where the harder element is, outside of the studio more than in,” she explained.
Leddi G credits joining the ‘Culture Squad’ as one of the highlights of her BET Africa journey. She has nothing but positive words for the rest of the squad – Farieda Metsileng, Shamiso Mosaka, Tshego ‘Koke’ Mosupye.
“It’s kind of like a fresh young bunch of people. I really feel like we are really supported. That’s probably my favourite element and obviously getting to do what I love while getting paid,” she shares.
Before landing her big TV break, the presenter developed her own IGTV show, called ‘Whats the tea with Leddi G”.
On the show she interviewed celebrities and got them to spill some tea, while having some fun of course.
“I came up with the concept with another producer that worked on it with me. It was the first show of its kind, where we were broadcasting an actual live show being broadcast on IGTV Live,” she said.
The show is something she is proud of; this is evident in the way she speaks of it.
“So the first of its kind in South Africa and it was really kind of like ‘what’s the tea with Leddi G, let’s catch up with a celebrity, let’s spill some tea, let’s talk about the latest happenings,” she says.
One could say Leddi G kind of set herself on the path of becoming BET Africa’s newest talent. “What’s the tea with Leddi G” is no different from BET Breaks there’s just no tequila.
“What’s the tea with Leddi G” also helped with growing her confidence, she explained that when she first tried her hand at the MTV VJ search, she was full of nerves despite being told she had raw talent.
“The idea of talking to people and talking on a stage and like a camera being in my face, would cause me so much anxiety. I think it was right that I didn’t win at that time.I think definitely Nomuzi and Nomzamo were much more prepared than I was.
“With my show it kind of forced me to handle a live show. Anything can go wrong, you have to be prepared and it grew my confidence. So by the time I was auditioning for BET, can you imagine BET is not even live, so this was even easier for me.
“My anxiety literally disappeared and I read the script, well I guess I’m here now,” she happily says.
Conversations with the guests and getting interactive with viewers is something Leddi G enjoyed on her IGTV show.
Followers would join in on the games she and her celebrity guest would play on the show.
“So I really liked that interactive element as well. I loved the interview element, getting the tea directly from celebrities not just talking about them but talking to them,” she shared.
Leddi G on Instagram is quite the known fashionista, she is always seen rocking the finest fashion threads and when it comes to what fans can expect, she says definitely more fire outfits.
“Thinking about outfits before I shoot is super important, so you can expect to see Leddi G styled to the T, like no question about it,” she shares.
Fans can also expect to see more of her work on her Instagram page which boasts 45.4K followers. “It’s going to be new content, it’s going to be a different style but I still think it’s still going to be the same real content that I always create.“
“I’m super interactive on my page, I always continue to talk to people, I love posing questions on my stories and getting everyone’s response,” she explained.
Navigating the social media streets can be tricky but Leddi G has come up with a strategy, one that works for her.
For instance she is not active on the blue bird platform by choice.
“For me Twitter is not the platform I would engage in, I am much more of an Instagram person, a visual person,” she says.
“I think in terms of social media and how it affects me I think you can curate your social media experience. You can snooze what you follow, you can choose. You decide the kind of content you want to engage in,” she adds.
Leddi G understands that with her new gig, she will be opened up to some form of criticism but she’s not about to go searching for all that’s being sad about her.
Be sure to catch Leddi G spilling the beans on BET Breaks on BET Africa, DStv channel 129.

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