Murdered Detective (Kinnear) Case back in court on his Birthday

Murdered Detective (Kinnear) Case back in court

Murdered Detective (Kinnear) Case back in court on his Birthday

Nafiz Modack reverts back to court on a day when Anti-Gang Unit (AGU) leader, detective Charl Kinnear was suppose to be celebrating his birthday, who he Nafiz Modack and others were accused of murdering.

On this faithful day, the family of the detective were suppose to be celebrating the birthday of the dealy departed, but instead stood close to the tv, while waiting axiously for the verdict of the magistrate.

Mr. Kinnear was murdered in cold blood outside his house in Bishop Lavis on 18th of September 2020.
Despite the fact that the south African police has arrested Mr. Zane Kilian, who allegedly gave up the detectives location before his murder took place, they re yet to locate the person who allegedly pulled the trigger on the day of the shooting.
Before Kinnear was killed on 18th September, the cops were informed that some one was spying on Mr. Kinnear. This incident came to light on the day of Mr. Zane’s bail application.
For Kinnear’s family, Thursday will not be a relaxed day of serving tea and cake to well-wishers. It is also almost a year since the father and husband was killed while waiting to park his car.

During his appearance at the Blue Downs Regional Court, Modack seemed unsteady on his feet.

He wore his customary green scarf and carried a dossier of notes, and seemed to sway slightly in the dock.

Heavily armed specialist police officers blocked entrances to the doors.

They stepped forward to stand closer to the accused when the matter began.
Modack appeared with his co-accused Kilian, Ricardo Morgan, Jacques Cronje and AGU officer Ashley Tabisher.

The State alleges that Modack heads a criminal enterprise involved in murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion and money laundering.

The incidents involved in the allegations include Kinnear’s murder, the attempted murder of lawyer William Booth, and the kidnapping of one of Booth’s clients.
Kilian has changed his instructing attorney Eric Bryer, and now has Gqeberha lawyer Danie Gouws on board, with advocate Marius Botha still leading submissions in the court.

Gouws’ previous work includes representing Chanelle Coutts, the personnel manager of the OK Grocer in Algoa Park owned by Christopher Panayioutou. He was found guilty of the murder of his wife, Jayde.

Sporting an auburn hair tint, Kilian appeared to have been working out in prison, with his broad shoulders pulled back as the police officers stood near the accused.

The Regional Court Magistrate Deon van der Spuy is unwell, so Magistrate Nobenguni Bingwa stood in for a brief appearance to postpone the matter again.

However, Modack’s lawyer Dirk Uys complained that the State still had not given him the finalised indictment he says he needs to prepare appropriately for the bail application.
During the submissions, Tabisher, who has grown a beard, shot quick glances at his wife sitting in the public gallery.

He faces charges of allegedly agreeing to accept money to tell Modack when the police were going to raid him.

The matter was postponed to August 17 and 18, and the group was taken out, and later driven back to prison in a convoy.

A small group of Modack supporters stood next to razor wire in the bushes outside the court to wave him goodbye.

Morgan, who is accused of money laundering, had his bail extended.
There are also two other accused regarding this case, Mr. Amal Jantjies and Janick Adonis, who were not present. Jantjies, was denied bail in her matter connecting her to the case via an alleged hand grenade attack on Kinnear’s house. Adonis is already serving time for a separate matter.
The court is schedule to sit for another case linked to gang related activities, which involves Mark Lifman and Jerome Booysens which also includes 28s gang memebers.

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