Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the internet brings you another shocking video that leaves you wondering what the heck you just watched. In the video that has since gone viral on Instagram, a mother can be seen taking her daughter to a salon to get a lace wig installed.
The clip has left many Instagramers feeling outraged – especially since the little girl looks barely three years old.
Over the last few years, wig installations have become increasingly popular as people all over the world try everything to make a wig look as natural as possible.
While one often watches tutorials of how one installs a wig, many were not accustomed to watching a wig getting installed on a toddler.
In a bizarre video that was shared on social media app Instagram by a page called @gossipmilltv, a woman can be seen accompanying her baby to a salon. At the salon, a hairdresser installs the wig on the head of the little one who is visibly distressed.
Once her hair is done and her “edges are laid” the little girl can be seen posing for the camera as her mother snaps happily.

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