Marilyn Manson Sues Evan Rachel Wood For Defamation.

Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Marilyn Manson Of R@pe

The lawsuit claims that Wood “publicly cast” Manson “as a rapist and abuser,” thereby derailing his “successful music, TV, and film career”.
Manson is seeking compensation for damages and an injunction preventing “future wrongful conduct”.
Marilyn Manson – real name Brian Warner – is suing his former fiancée Evan Rachel Wood for defamation.
According to court documents obtained by E! News, Manson is seeking compensation for damages and an injunction preventing “future wrongful conduct” after being publicly accused of abuse by the Westworld actor.
The lawsuit states that Wood and Ashley Gore – aka Illma Gore, an artist whom the suit describes as Wood’s “on-again, off-again romantic partner” – “publicly cast” Manson “as a rapist and abuser”.
The complaint called their allegations “a malicious falsehood that has derailed Warner’s successful music, TV, and film career”.
Wood accused Manson of raping her on camera while filming a music video for his 2007 hit single Heart-Shaped Glasses.
She made the allegations in Phoenix Rising, an HBO documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January
Phoenix Rising documents efforts by Wood and other sexual assault survivors to extend the statute of limitations for sex crimes, allowing women more time to seek justice following abuse.
Manson’s attorney Howard King said in a statement provided to Entertainment Weekly, “This detailed complaint has been filed to stop a campaign of malicious and unjustified attacks on Brian Warner. Years after the end of Evan Rachel Wood’s long-term relationship with Warner, she and her girlfriend Illma Gore recruited numerous women and convinced them to make false allegations against him.”
Manson tweeted a link to the complaint on Wednesday and wrote, “There will come a time when I can share more about the events of the past year. Until then, I’m going to let the facts speak for themselves.”

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