Mampintsha Slams People For Shading His Clothing Line (VIDEO)

South African artists often expand their brands by releasing merchandise like hats, water bottles, or shoes. Gqom star Mampintsha launched a clothing line named “original shandis” with items like T-shirts and denim jackets on offer. After receiving criticism about the price of some of the items, Mampintsha said “if you complain about the price, you are not the target market.”

After making waves in the music industry for years, Mampintsha is diving into the fashion business. He teased a range of “handcrafted” denim jeans, hats, denim jackets, bucket hats and T-shirts. The clothing line is set to be released in the first week of March.

The “original shandis” branded T-shirts are R800 while the bucket hat (the cheapest item) goes for R400.

Some fans were stunned at Mampintsha’s prices while others suggested Mampintsha launch the T-shirt in a V-neck cut.

Taking to Instagram on Monday 10 January, the 39-year-old addressed the criticism of the prices. The gqom star further mentioned that people should steer clear of his clothing brand if they are not interested in paying the price.
“If the prices got you, then you are not the target market because I use quality. I’m working, I’m at work, I’m not playing

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