MacG Comes For Lady Du After Airing Management Issue

Lady Du Exposes Abusive Management And Exploitation

In the latest episode of “Podcast and Chill” local podcaster MacG and his team weighed in on amapiano vocalist Lady Du’s tweets about her management woes.
The controversial podcast usually focuses on trending stories and, of course, had to touch on Lady Du’s claims.
Last week, the queen of amapiano took to Twitter where she laid bare her management’s allegedly abusive and manipulative behavior.
In a series of tweets, Lady Du accused her management team of sabotaging her career.
The “Dakiwe” hitmaker’s claims shocked many people, considering that she is one of the biggest acts in the country.
“So when you are Lady Du and that big. Don’t you just need a booking agent?” he asked.
The podcasters said that Lady Du was offered plenty of gigs and surely did not need a manager to secure gigs for her.
Sol was shocked to find out that Lady Du’s manager is Thabiso Khati, who is a well-known music executive. He has vast experience in the industry; he previously worked with Cash time Life and was the CEO until he stepped down in 2017.
He said this is probably why Lady Du opted to work with him as she saw the potential for him to take her career to the next level.
While Lady Du is hot property, she only got her big break in the SA music scene recently and working with someone who has worked with big acts such as K.O and Moozlie was obviously a great idea.
Little did she know that she would regret signing her management deal. Her management, according to her, has been sabotaging her by telling promoters that she was not available.
“My manager is telling people I’m unavailable for bookings. He says he doesn’t work on weekends, and doesn’t pay me on time.
“Mind you, I don’t work for him, he gets paid off my bookings!!! Has started taking cash from promoters. I’m in hell guys. I’ve been crying every day nje,” she wrote in her tweets.

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