Lungi Naidoo Celebrates 20 Years In Music With Massive Deal

Lungi Naidoo is celebrating a huge milestone in her musical career.
The KwaZulu-Natal born star has recently become the first African songwriter to sign a deal with a UK-based indie distribution and label company Ditto Plus Music..
“Signing with Ditto Plus Music is the best decision I’ve made in a long time.
“I am a songwriter and it’s so important to align myself with a company that has my best interests at heart, when it comes to my intellectual property.
“I feel proud and hope that this will open movie, TV and reality show sync deals for my music,” says Lungi.
“And I can’t wait to start writing and collaborating with amazing artists and songwriters around the world. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my career as a lyricist,” said Lungi.
With an illustrious career – boasting over 20 years of experience in the music space, Lungi has worked with local and international stars, including South African Grammy-nominated dance producer Black Coffee, Nigerian superstar CKay, “The Voice Nigeria” winner Idyl.
Lungi admits being an indie artist has its challenges and victories, but the star insists she would not have it any other way.
“It’s really hard being an indie artist. You have to learn about the industry from a different lens. The costs alone can be heartbreaking.
“But I believe that building relationships and having other indie and signed artists helping and assisting me gave me the courage to try the independent route once again.
“The best part of this indie journey is the control I have over my music and the ownership of my masters.
“So be patient with yourself because it’s a hard road but one with rewards,” said Lungi.
Her latest offering EP “Courage” is already making waves, locally and globally.
“I think that the world is more open to music from Africa and that is a plus for any artist trying put music out.
“I worked hard on ’Courage’ and collaborated with producers from Nigeria, Ghana and the UK, and I’m glad that I have people outside my country who love and support my music,” added Lungi.

’Courage’ saw Lungi’s epic return to the music scene, following a five-year hiatus.
Elaborating on the inspiration behind ’Courage’, Lungi says: “I have had more knocks than success. I know what losing feels like. I understand what it feels like to put your all into something, believe in it one hundred percent, and have it all fall apart and fail.
“’Courage’ is a testament of how far I’ve come and how much I have achieved, regardless of my shortcomings. It takes a lot for one to get up and try again but now I have nothing to lose.
“I gave myself a red card so I could sit down and focus on what I wanted and what I need to write about, and what my purpose would be in this world through my music, through my voice,” said Lungi.
“Courage” is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

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