Lillian Dube Opens Up On 7 Colours

Lillian Dube and Moshe Ndiki To Judge SA Biggest Cooking Show

Lillian Dube is doing her first reality show and she’s loving it.
“I’ve never done a reality show before and I am so excited,” she says. The reality show is called 7 Colours.
“I am always acting and when I act I play other people, but here people will get to see the real me, and they will see that I am just an ordinary person just like any of them,” she says.
Lilian hosts the cooking show alongside comedian, actor and TV presenter Moshe Ndiki.
“When they told me I was going to work with Moshe I didn’t know who he was because I am always busy and never have time to watch TV – what a delightful person. It’s such a pleasure working with him,” Mama Lilian says.
She shares that her favorite part about being on set is Moshe. “We work very well together”.
Moshe shares the same sentiments. Speaking to Drum, the comedian says it has been a delight working together.
“It’s absolutely amazing working with Lilian, and I am learning a lot too. The relationship we have built is like a grandmother and grandson, and also the best of friends, it’s absolutely beautiful,” he says.
The two are known for strangers laugh and they say it will be no different on the show. “It is laughter and a dash of seriousness,” the veteran actress Lilian says.
“Moshe is a cook in his own right and so as I, we both enjoy the same food and it makes judging very easy. It doesn’t have to be how we do it, as long as its good food.”
One of her favorite things about the show is meeting the families.
“I love going into people’s homes, interacting with them, getting to know them and seeing what their plates look like. Food is about people, and families, and the conversations are very lovely too,” she says.
She also made known that she enjoys telling true stories. “On the show I am not trying to be somebody, which is what I am used to do, I am being real.”
It’s Valentines Day on Monday and Mam’Lilian says there is no dish that says I love you more than love itself.
“Do you think it’s about food or love? If someone loves you, you can eat samp and beans and you will be happy. As long as you are together.”
“I used to be young and love is one of my favoutie things, when you love someone you see nothing wrong, everything is beautiful about them, it’s not about money, looks but because they resonate with your soul,” she says.

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