Lillian Dube and Moshe Ndiki To Judge SA Biggest Cooking Show

South African TV personalities Lillian Dube and Moshe Ndiki will be counting the seven colours on a plate as they join Honey TV’s biggest cooking show, “7 Colours”.
The reality TV show sees the two celebrity hosts go into the heart of South African homes to see how people really make their Sunday kos.
The show premieres on February 17 at 5.30pm on DStv channel 173.
Each episode see families, friends and loved ones flex their cooking skills by executing the full plate, the best way they know how.
Popular for her roles on shows like “Skwizas” and “Soul City”, veteran actor Dr Lillian Dube said she loves visiting homes.
“I love going into peoples homes, interacting with them and seeing what their plates look like. My favourite part is being on set with Moshe. We work well together,” said Dube.
Ndiki, honed his comedic skills on YouTube with creative skits impersonating everyone from Rihanna to your best friend down the street.
He also hosted popular shows “Uyang’thanda Na?” and “You Promised to Marry Me”.
He brings flare and spirit to the show with his witty and youthful remarks which compliment Dube’s stellar knack for comedic timing.
He said: “Not only am I working with Lillian Dube, I also experienced meeting the different contestants and how we are all excited when we are shooting”.
Honey’s head of content, Zinzi Velelo said: “The show brings something that’s unique to viewers in a way that’s authentic.

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