Lasizwe Shows Off New Bae For Valentine

Social media personality Lasizwe Dambuza teased his 1.3 million followers with a new boyfriend on Friday 11 February just in time for Valentine’s Day’
Lasizwe Dambuza teased his followers with a new boyfriend. He went out on a romantic date just days before Valentine’s Day.
“No ways! Not this man making today such a special day, and it’s not even Valentines Day yet! 🥺,” he tweeted.
The social media personality posted a series of snaps from his date but strategically hid his new love interest’s face. His new boyfriend is seen handing him a gift with a sweet card. Take a look..
“I won’t lie, falling in love again is beautiful 😭❤️ NO WAYS!!!” he captioned the post.
“Hope your Valentine’s Day is perfect, like you! Hope you enjoy these series of cards I wrote for you and enjoy your gifts,” read the card.

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