Kendall Jenner Hilarious Clap Back At Haters

Kendall Jenner had the ultimate clapback to comments that she’s a ‘pick me’ girl, sharing a hilarious snowboarding video on TikTok.
The 26-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian star is often target of a certain kind of criticism on social media, in part thanks to a specific moment from the final season of the show.
In it, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are taking part in a volleyball game, and Kendall jokes that she’s got the body of a sports’ star. “I did this blood test. They told me that I’m super athletic and I’m built for this s***,” she told Khloé.
As a result, people often leave comments on her posts calling her a ‘pick me girl’, which Urban Dictionary defines as, “A girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they’re ‘not like other girls.’ Kind of like a simp but for girls.”
Thankfully Kendall had a brilliant response to the whole thing, sharing a TikTok from a recent ski trip. In it, she fails to land a snowboarding jump, and instead falls flat on her face.
As well as setting it to the soundtrack of her claiming to be athletic, the caption read, “It’s giving ‘pick me’ vibes.” Fans in the comments were absolutely loving the humour from Ken.
“Lmfao living for Kendall throwing shade at everyone’s comments,” one person wrote, while another put, “So she’s self aware.” Hailey Bieber added, “Lmaoo”.

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