Kanye West Set To Air His Own Tv Show On Netflix

seems spending time with the most famous reality superstar (the KADASHIAN’s)did leave Kanye with some kind of love for the camera.

Although he isn’t vialing for the Kadashian’s crown , at least not yet , he has started of his own show , a documentary into the life of the superstar which would be show on Netflix from February 16.

The streaming service has described the film as a “once in a lifetime three-week global event” and it will chronicle the entirety of the rapper’s colorful and at times controversial career.

‘Act 1’ of the series will also be released in cinemas on 10 February and will feature never-before seen footage of Kanye in the studio and performing.

The film is directed by Coodie and Chike, who are responsible for many of West’s music videos including ‘Jesus Walks’ and ‘Through the Wire’.

A newly released trailer for the documentary shows Kanye in the studio back in 2002 embroiled in an argument about whether he is a genius or not.

The teaser clip also sees West, 44, in the studio with music stars such as Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Kid Cudi, is it just me but i really hope this documentary would help explain why he split from his ex wife Kim Kadashian

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