Joburg Theatre To Tell The Tale Of Isandlwana

The Fourth Isandlwana Lecture: The Musical will be showcasing live from January 21 – 23. The showcase is based on events of January 22, 1879 that are unlikely to be removed from history books and, 143 years later, Insandlwa is the battles in South Africa between the British and the Zulu Nation, South African young black artists are to ensure the day and its significance is not lost to the African youth.

Courtesy of the Mbuso Khoza Institute for Culture & Heritage, the Joburg Theatre, viewers will be treated to a curated re-enactment of the epic battle using the actual soundtrack of that unforgettable day more than a 100 years ago.
In pursuit of reclaiming the lost heritage, Khoza has been consistent for four years in a row, to ensure that theatregoers learn more about African history.

“This is a South African story of how the unity of purpose has achieved what experts would have called the impossible as Africans demonstrated the readiness to lay down their own lives in defense of their land,” says Khoza.

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