J Molley Reveals Why He Took A Break From Social Media

When rapper J Molley took an unexpected break from social media and effectively the limelight, many fans and industry peers wondered what had happened.
Now, weeks later, the star has returned and revealed why he needed the break.
The “Ang’na Stress” hitmaker caused concern after he posted several cryptic Twitter posts. The rapper’s management issued a statement at the time, saying he was “receiving help” and would be taking a break from social media.
Announcing his return this week, he opened up about his journey with depression. He also said he would be addressing his battle in his coming project “Almost Dead”, launching on March 11.
“Life had become very confusing for me. More and more each day. The deeper I searched the (more) lost I felt. You may have wondered why I have been away for so long. I have always manifested my highs to the extreme and my lows to the extreme. I have always felt depression at the door. Letting itself in and out, since I was a child.” he said.
“I made the decision to talk about my journey in this project in (the) hopes of encouraging others to recognize (depression) and seek help. I also feel like it is my obligation to provide representation within the entertainment industry for those dealing with similar issues.”

See the full statement below:

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