Fatty Carbohydrate and Fiber Rich Food

Fatty Carbohydrate and Fiber Rich Food

Carbohydrate as we all knows is one of the dreaded foods anyone who wants to live a healthy life would be asked to stay away from.  Carbohydrate is very high in glucose and therefore can always ruin your health plans and diet ideas.

As we might understand, carbohydrate is very heavy and in most case takes forever to digest in the body system.  Now, for those who have a very fast metabolism, you can always freely eat carbohydrate related meals and still be able to burn them off.  This article emphasizes more on the people who pick up weight easily due to the inability to digest food properly.

Now I know and understand that there re a lot of post out there on the internet who speaks of one thing and ask you to do another. But I am guaranteeing you that my article has been very well researched and compiled to dish out a very organized way of controlling your weight and also making sure that what you eat can easily be burned out by your body system.

First we talk about good carbohydrate food.


This is one of the many good carbohydrates own right. Many people re always struggling with options of what to substitute their rice into, but I think you should try using Sweet Potato in place of rice and also add a mix of cauliflower and broccoli into the mix, with gravy to go with and thank me later after you might have tried it.

Rye Bread

For lovers of Bread, this will give you the best option regarding bread craving and desire to eat bread.  People always struggle to get better alternatives when it comes to eating bread.  So after careful research, I have to confirm that rye bread is very good and due to its very rigid nature, it can leave you full for a longer period of time. Here by leaving you eating less and not making your self full.

So with that said, the above foods are always the staple food that causes people to eat wrong and hereby gaining undesired weight.  If you can eat a little bit of rice, or better still alternate potato with rice, then you can easily contain your weight gain and all.

People most times eat as much carbohydrate without any veg included in their meal. Now if you re a fan of Carbs, I will also advise you to eat less carbs and then eat more veggies to go with the carbs. More preferably, eat cauliflower and broccoli.  If you have noticed, you will understand that I have emphasized more on broccoli and cauliflower on this post, this is  because broccoli  and cauliflower re a very unique vegetable group.  This two body nutritional vegetables re very high in fiber, reduces estrogen from the body and aids digestion in a very detoxifying way.

Now as we all might know or not, fiber rich foods has been required to be taken on a daily basis so as to aid the movement of the bowel and also to clear up space for the body to burn fat and aid digestion as well.

It is very well known that regular in take of fiber food, can always make you feel the need to use the toilet because it is very effective and keeps you feeling lighter after couple hours of eating. 

A good way of increasing your fiber in take is to always eat lots of vegetable. At this point, it will be great to at least name a few vegetables and fruit that can help you boost on your fiber in take and make you take that first great baby step towards wellness and fitness. www.healthline.com/nutrition/high-fiber-low-carb-foods

I hope you found this article helpful and user friendly. Please feel free to always reach out to us about ideas on how to help make our research and fitness ideas more helpful and useful to our readers out there. Until next time, please keep well and stay healthy.

Thank you!

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