This week, internet users were shocked when videos of a supposed 163-year-old man went viral on TikTok.
Clips of the frail monk began appearing on the profile @auyary13 in January, but they have taken over the internet in February 2022.
He has amassed a huge 530,000 followers as TikTok users are fascinated by his incredible age.
However, you shouldn’t believe everything you read online…
TikTok users were in awe this week when a series of clips began appearing on everyone’s For You Page of a man rumored to be 163 years old.
The videos see a man, who is supposedly a monk, lying in a hospital bed in Thailand.
His body is extremely frail and rumors’ are flooding the comments section that he was practicing Sokushinbutsu, which is the process of becoming a Buddhist mummy.
Popular amongst Buddhist monks in Japan, the practice of Sokushinbutsu sees people entering mummification whilst still alive. However, this appears to be fake and the man wasn’t actually doing this.
One particular video, in which he is lying in bed with his hands on a child’s head, gained a staggering 66 million views this week.
Rumor’s quickly started swirling on TikTok that the man in the clips is 163 years old. However, this isn’t actually true.
The video isn’t actually of a 163-year-old man, this was a fake rumour that emerged on TikTok.
As per fact-checker Snopes, he is a 109-year-old Thai man called Luang Pho Yai.
He does appear to be a monk in Thailand, but he was not practicing Sokushinbutsu and is not 163 years old.
The TikTok account is run by his granddaughter, Auyary, who gives fans daily updates about her grandfather.
In 2022, the oldest person in the world is a Japanese woman called Kane Tanaka.
She is currently 119 years and as per Guinness World Records, lives in a nursing home in Fukuoka, Japan.
The oldest man alive in 2022 is 112-year-old Juan Vicente Pérez Mora from Venezuela.
Jeanne Louise Calment, from Arles, France, is the oldest person to have ever lived.
She was born in 1875 and died at the age of 122 years and 164 days old in 1997.

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