Enhle Finds Love Again

Actress Enhle Mbali Begs For Love

Enhle and South African superstar Black Coffee has went back and fourth in the past due to lots of challenges they had previously in their relationship. it seems like the actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has moved on after calling it quits with the famous DJ.
She is often seen traveling and exploring the world to discover other ways of having fun.
She was seen recently jumping out of an airplane with a parachute. she seems to be enjoying her life after Coffee.
According to reports she has moved on with her life and found comfort in the hands of Gauteng Businessman Peter Sebiloane. Enhle left Dj Black coffee back in 2019 as they could not see eye to eye.
The businessman is currently single. Both love birds have kept their love life away from the public for a while now. The couple were spotted at a friend’s wedding in Soweto recently. They couldn’t take their hands off each other.
A source has revealed that the two love birds started seeing each other last year though a friend.
They took their relationship to the next level by going out.
Enhle has been having a life of her time with her new man.
Accordingly to those who are close to the businessman. Enhle has been seen a number of times at Sebiloane’s place in north of Johannesburg.
They often go to malls together.
Enhle even took a bold step by telling a close friend that she is now off the market during a party which was held at her mother’s place recently.
Mlotshwa’s mother was very happy to see the business man. She is comfortable with the relationship. The two were also celebrating Sebiloane’s birthday together recently.
It good to move on at times and start fresh as long as you have given yourself time to heal from your past relationship.

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