Effective Tips For women And Facts.

Effective Tips For women And Facts.

Women have been known to take care of family before they can at least take a good look at their self.

Although, its logical for a person to also look into their own health, even if you have people you re taking care of.

So exclusively from livetrendsza.com, we re dishing out this life saving tips, to help increase and maintain your life and thereby reaching the health goal you desire.

1. Quitting of cigarette or any substance that has to do with lung damage. With this, you stand the chance to live a healthy and lung healthy life.

2. Always Endeavour to go for check ups. This will help you in detecting illness and life threatening disease before they become more deadly and harmful to your over all wellness.

3. Always make sure to get your full 8 hours of sleep. I mean, what’s the point in sleeping half a day, with the motivation of making more money and end up dying due to lack of no sleep? That, i am sure is a huge twist.

4. We were mostly told that sunlight gives you vitamin B and also gives you good toning, but i will advise, that we take that down a notch as any sun from 11 to about 3pm is not ideal and healthy for human wellness.

5. Make working out a very life adaptive habit for you self. This is because the heart needs a push here and there, to enable it to do its job effectively and effortlessly.  As we all know, the heart is the key component in a human body and as long as we engage in physical activities, our heart tends to feel healthier and more stabilized.

6. Fruits and vegetable are a compulsory food that should be implemented in our daily life. No one said you shouldn’t eat junk food, but it would be advised to take it down a notch and don’t ideally over indulge or make it an everyday habit.


No matter what a woman age is, it is advised to stick to the habit of eating more fruits, vegetables, and protein and fiber reach foods.  This has been the study of many renowned science experts regarding the life and living process of an average female.

A study once showed that women who re in the birth giving age (18 – 40) should eat foods containing folic acids and citrus rich fruits.  This is to help any birth defects on mother and child.

Another study also showed that women in menopause or slightly approaching menopause, should Endeavour to eat food (such as seafood, fruit, low-fat dairy, and egg yolks) to help the control of bone marrow cancer and any bone related diseases


It is very much advised, that working out and engaging in physical health activities are a very strong factor to staying healthy and keeping an overall body wellness.   It is not an easy life style to keep up with, as we all want to eat as unhealthy and as crazy as we want.  But it is very much advisable to at least make time to keep the body moving and engage it in a physical exercise routine. 

It doesn’t have to be too demanding (exercise) we can always start off very slowly and monitor your health as you go in the long run.  put in some bit of weights and power lifting if necessary, so you don’t loose muscle mass and strength endurance while getting old.


It is advisable to always keep tabs on your cholesterol level and also your blood pressure level as well.  This is because as a woman, you stand a chance to develop sudden heart problem, due to the fact that you might not be having enough rest or you really are not eating the right food choices as well.

There is also the logic of detecting a marrow cancer before it hit its normal height.  Life has shown us that its never too late to start taking care of your self.. So I would advise a Pelvic scan or SMEAR. (21 -60 years)

Early detection of colon cancer, breast cancer, and lump in the breast are a very good way to make sure you re beating the health odds one to one.  Women aged 40 to 50 re not really advised to sit on their laurels and say that they have lived their best life and therefore nothing will be able to weigh them down.. I will cautiously tell you, that constant checkup regarding breast condition, will make your worries a little bit easier.

We have spoken about bones and marrow problems in aging women.  But i would like to point out more details on this topic.  Women age 60 – 65 are always at risk of bone marrow disease and will be very much advised to go for Osteoporosis Screenings. This will always keep them untop of their situation and more active regarding their overall body wellness.

Colonoscopies re another vital and recommended screening that has to be taking seriously as soon as you turn 45 and above.  A healthy colon, reduce your chances of getting a colon cancer and an early detection keeps you away from the dreaded treatments that follows if your situation is detected late.

Women of all ages should make sure to always ask their physician about how and what to do to maintain a healthy looking and vibrant skin. It has been said that a constant monitor of your skin can help keep you away and also help detect skin cancer before it gets to its prime.  So my candid advice, will be to monitor any irregular marks, abnormal sun burns, change in mole size, change in birth mark sizes, just to name a few.

The firm benefit of regular screening is because it helps you stay in control of what you eat and also motivate you into creating a healthy food pattern that keeps you stronger and fitter.  Lets take diabetes for instance: It is known to be a very deadly illness and is very much advisable that any woman from age 40, should make sure to constantly check their diabetes level to know if they re above or under the line regarding this particular issue.

Livetrendsza.com is wishing you healthier life choices and is also pleading with you to take the health business seriously. Talk to your physician about what work out routine to use and what kind of food to eat.  Life as we all know is a one way street, The best way to live it, is to make sure we live the safest and yet fun nest way possible. On behalf of me and the team, we say stay well and live long.

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