DJ Fresh Confirms Divorce From His Wife

Local award-winning house music producer DJ Fresh and his wife of 20-years Thabiso Sikwane have confirmed they are no longer together.
The former IT couple on Monday publicly spoke on the allegations that they are headed for divorce as reported in the latest edition of Sunday World.
DJ Fresh and the author in their “advertorial” assured the public that their split was not filled with any drama, which was evident in their body language.
They may no longer be together but they are on good terms and will still be. The 20-year marriage has ended.
In the two minute and 30 seconds video, the couple spoke on the fact that they have been going through the divorce process for the past two years
“Yes, it’s a fact, we are heading for divorce, we’re in the process. We’ve been at it for the past two years,” Thabiso said.
Thabiso led the conversation and reminded her followers and Fresh’s that she is not a social media person but special circumstances led her to this point.
Fresh explained that the split happened during lockdown and there were no expected fireworks, demands, drama, when it comes to their break up.
“There will never be drama between us because we will forever love each other and we’ve got three beautiful kids to raise and that is our focus,” he said.
They are currently at the stage of ironing out the finer details.
Capitalising on the attention, Fresh and Thabiso used the moment to advertise their honey and their friend’s business.
I guess since they already had our attention, why not use it to advertise business and make money in the process.
The comments for DJ Fresh’s Instagram post were turned off, a clear sign that while they are setting the record straight, they are not too interested in what the public has to say about the divorce.

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