DBN Gogo Curve’s Shades Thrown At Her

Amapiano DJ DBN Gogo wants trolls to know she is not the one to cyberbully following a recent Twitter spat The producer was bashed by an unruly tweep, who suggested she reacts to deaths but does not attend funerals DBN Gogo reacted broken-heartedly to the passing of hip hop DJ Dimplez after he started trending on Twitter on Sunday Since then, Gogo’s followers have banded around her in a show of support and encouraged her to deflect the negativity online
If asked to think of a time that DBN Gogo had beef with someone or came under the spotlight for less than desirable reasons, most people might struggle to come to an answer. That’s likely because there are virtually no files on the sultry Amampiano DJ and producer. Yet, in recent days, the entertainer proved that she, too, has a bite when she lashed out at a “disrespectful” troll.
Naturally, DBN Gogo, who’s fresh from a Paris trip with her new flame, rapper Focalistic, did not take kindly to the trolling and made it clear she was the wrong one to target. She wrote:
Y’all wanna be disrespectful, thinking people won’t go there with you. I’ve said it countless times: ‘I’m not the one. I don’t bother anyone.’ [So], don’t come for me.” The DJ’s post attracted more than 6 000 likes and exceeded 600 retweets.

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