Cassper Dragged By Car Rental Service

Cassper Dragged By Car Rental Service

The rapper and Billiato creator Cassper Nyovest is dealing with mounting rumor’s surrounding his private life…and it’s about to get messier, just days after radio personality MacG claimed that he was allegedly sharing women with Andile Mpisane.

Now Cassper is facing allegations from an alleged bogus car rental company who claim he is in “breach of contract”. This came after the company went public with claims they had “hired” their McClaren GTA to him.
Luxury Car Rentals revealed on their Instagram account that Cassper Nyovest was “enjoying the benefits of a long term rentals option” from them.

The company alleges they loaned the star the white McLaren GTA valued at R5 million which he has been flaunting on social media. Cassper responded to the claims on Twitter, claiming the company was a scam.
Now the company are demanding he “return the McLaren”, as he is in “breach of contract”.
“We are in contact with our lawyers” read a post from the company’s IG Stories.
They added: “We have customers that want to rent out the car”.

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