Busta 929 Slammed For Allegedly Dating A Minor

A well-known Amapiano Busta 929 artist is back in the spotlight after doing something that enraged Mzansi and got people talking. In South Africa, the age of consent is 16 when it comes to being in a romantic relationship, even though an older man who persuades a younger girl who is still in her teens can be considered a pedophile. In the society we live in, young girls are constantly being sexualized and manipulated by older men to get into relationships with them, and they use the fact that the law allows them to do it.
He was charged with the sexual violation of young girls. His story trended after it was said that he used to promise young, talented girls an opportunity in the industry and travel with them, but all the while he was abusing and manipulating them. R kelly’s case is not the first. There have been many other cases similar to his, but his sent shock waves across the world because people did not think he was actually capable of that.
Because of R kelly’s case, people are saying that Amapiano artist Busta 929 is allegedly doing the same thing. The last time this Amapiano artist was attacked on social media was after he was seen in a hotel room with girls who seemed to be in their teen years. In the video that was shot, the girls were wearing nothing but a towel, making it seem like they had just gotten out of the shower while hanging out with Busta 929. And this had many people questioning what he was doing with girls as young as that around him. Busta then responded, claiming their relationship was strictly professional and all he wanted was to help jumpstart the young girls’ careers.
But it seems like Busta 929 loves hanging around with girls. He is trending on social media again after a picture of him and another teen was shared with multiple other teenagers who were hanging around him. South Africans are starting to believe that they might be witnessing another R Kelly situation.

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