Bontle Modiselle Griefs The Death Of Her Assistant

Choreographer and TV personality Bontle Modiselle-Moloi is mourning the loss of her dancer and assistant choreographer Kesia Jeftha.
In a long emotional post, she penned a heartfelt message to Jeftha, stating that she was still in disbelief about losing her friend and colleague.
She wrote: “I try to get through a sentence without crying because the thought of me writing this out to or about you makes no sense to me. A wave of disbelief keeps hitting me because I’m in great denial. It’ll be this way for a long time.
“I don’t know when it will settle but right now, I’m accepting that maybe it isn’t my place to understand it, but to come to terms with what is.”
Modiselle-Moloi also shared how she was getting ready for Jeftha’s music career to finally take off.
“You spoke with so much hope … your love for God was without question. You honoured every commitment and every person with undeniable love and respect. You honoured your gift and purpose with love and respect, and it loved you right back.”

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