Boity Thulo Feels Overwhelmed

Media personality Boity Thulo is overwhelmed by the pandemic and the conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine…Boity Thulo is exhausted and overwhelmed with life over the last few years. From the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The media personality tweeted a message of exhaustion and anxiety. Take a look…
“A pandemic followed by a war consumed through memes and reels playing out in trending hashtags highlighting our new and broken normal offline is peak life in the digialoverse,”
“Where you feel everything all the time but also have no capacity to feel anything ever because even debilitating anxiety is a chore on your never-ending to do list and the compounding sadness needs time you don’t have. So, you just scroll to remember till you just scroll to forget,” the message continued.

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