Bill Gates Apologizes To His Ex-Wife

Melinda Gates Breaks Her Silence On Bill Gates Affair

Bill Gates has issued an apology to Melinda French Gates after a revealing interview in which she addresses what led to their divorce.
“I will always be sorry for the pain that I caused Melinda and our family,” he said.
Melinda revealed another aspect contributing to their 2021 divorce was Gates’ meeting with Jeffrey Epstein.
She added that any other questions pertaining to Gates’ relationship with the convicted sex offender is for “Bill to answer”.
Bill Gates has issued an apology to Melinda French Gates, following a revealing interview in which French Gates addresses what led to their divorce.
The philanthropist sat down with Gayle King on CBS Mornings to discuss why she and her estranged husband decided to end their marriage after 27 years.
“It wasn’t one moment or one specific thing that happened. There just came a point in time where there was enough there that I realised it just wasn’t healthy, and I couldn’t trust what we had.”
Following the interview, Gates issued a statement apologising for the pain he had caused.
“I will always be sorry for the pain that I caused Melinda and our family. I admire Melinda and everything she does to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, and I’m grateful for the work we continue to do together at our foundation.”
Speaking of another aspect that contributed to their split last year, French Gates admitted Bill’s meeting with Jeffrey Epstein – the convicted sex offender who died by suicide while awaiting trial on trafficking charges – was something she disapproved of.
“As I said, it’s not one thing. It was many things. But I did not like that he had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein.”
The 57-year-old then reveals that she met with Epstein on one occasion and almost immediately “regretted” her decision.
“I also met Jeffrey Epstein exactly one time … because I wanted to see who this man was. And I regretted it from the second I stepped in the door,” she said.
“He was abhorrent. He was evil personified. I had nightmares about it afterwards. So, you know, my heart breaks for these young women because that’s how I felt, and here I’m an older woman. My god, I feel terrible for those young women. It’s awful.”
When asked further about Gates’ affairs and his relationship with Epstein, French Gates responded that those are questions she can’t answer, “those are for Bill to answer”.

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