Ayanda Borotho Inspirational Words To Her Fans

Ayanda Borotho has taken to web-based media to advise ladies in poisonous relationships that leaving is a form of self-love.
She implied that there’s nothing out wrong in leaving where you’re distraught adding that individuals should quit serving people who don’t serve them back.

The actress who also serves as a writer has in the past few days been lecturing on self esteem and ladies’ psychological wellness as she regularly shares it on her Instagram page to inspire her fans
In her view, to comprehend that poisonous connections can demolish somebody’s genuine serenity one must put oneself first.
She said,
“Came here to remind those who feel stuck in toxic relationships, friendships and environments that “Leaving is love.” Stop serving what doesn’t serve you back. And sometimes it may serve you, but does it serve you right? Does it serve you kindly? Does it serve you forward? There’s a difference.”

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