Amanda du-Pont Opens Up On Having Breast Surgery

Media personality Amanda du-Pont revealed that she recently had breast augmentation surgery.
The actress took to social media this week to share images from her breast augmentation experience, explaining the reason behind her decision to undergo surgery.
In her post on Instagram, Amanda said she had lost a lot of tissue in her breast area during her weight-loss journey, which prompted her to consider surgery.
“It’s no secret how passionate I am about fitness. Through training I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. This meant I lost tissue on my breasts which made me self-conscious.
“In a search to find the best medical care for my breast augmentation @arpanumedical sourced me the best clinic and surgeon.
“They curated the best medical trip inclusive of hotel, surgery and aftercare.
“Here’s a photo dump of my experience.
“PS: I will post the new babies as soon as I’m healed. Sharing is caring. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the surgery,” she wrote.
See below:
In December last year, Amanda made headlines when she alleged that musician Jub Jub raped and physically abused her over the course of their two-year relationship.
“My side – I was raped and physically abused by Jub Jub. Only thing I did wrong was keep quiet. That ends here. GBV is absolutely unacceptable!!
“I will not be publicly ridiculed by a criminal! Rape is not smashing!! Time we deal with this demon.”
In the nearly 18-minute video posted on her Instagram profile, Amanda says she decided to expose Jub Jub after she heard him claim that he’d “smashed” her.

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