AKA Slams Upcoming Artists For Harassing Him

AKA Officially In A New Relationship

Award-winning rapper had some words of advice for an upcoming artist who seemingly has gotten tired of waiting for the rapper to listen to his beats.
Taking to his social media platforms, AKA shared a message he had received from an upcoming artist who had reached his waiting limit.
The upcoming artist in their message told the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker that he was done begging him to listen to his beat.
AKA asked for advice on how to reply to the message and it’s quite a tricky one.
“I’m done begging you to listen to my beats I’m done begging you for anything,” wrote the upcoming artist.
The upcoming artist then went on to tell AKA how he tried to greet him at his birthday celebration and got ignored. Being ignored by the rapper left a dent on the upcoming artist, especially considering all he sacrificed to make it to the party.
“I became an embarrassment after all the sacrifices I took to come thru..why didn’t you tell me from the begining that I’m nagging you all of that is ending today u will never ever hear from me asking you for anything I’m even blocking you,” read the message.
This moment certainly reminds me of Eminem’s Stan, where the rapper raps about receiving a letter from his biggest fan
Landing your big break as an upcoming artist is no easy task and certainly takes a lot of work and patience.
AKA himself knows about the blood and sweat it takes to become one of the top artists or even get the musician you look up to listen to your music.
Supa Mega himself has previously spoken about hustling to get bookings and performing for free. The rapper also took the “Stan” moment to remind upcoming artists that patience goes a long way in the game.
AKA revealed that getting in the studio with ProKid and Khuli Chana was not by chance and he had exchanged several numbers just for the moment to come to fruition.
“I had to exchange many numbers before we could even get the CHANCE to be in the same studio as KHULI or KO or Linda … “ he said.
It seems because of AKA’s personal experience, no upcoming artist will be getting any free passes to the studio.
“You think you gone just text me and I’m just gonna put you on my back? You dreaming. Big time,” he added.

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