A Look Into Somizi Mhlongo’s Luxury Vacation(VIDEOS)

Sometimes we just cant stop envying this famous folks, cause they do know how to spoil themselves and ,TV personality Somizi Mhlongo got us on board the green envy train as he shares some of his photos spending his vacation during the summer holiday in sunny Cape Town, like Somizi you got room for one more hast tag JELLY.

Somizi Mhlongo did give us an heads up that he would be vacaing last year on his instagram where he wrote
“I promise u my dear captonians…I’ll be leaving yo city very soon….around the 51st,” Somizi captioned a photo enjoying his downtime.

In other photos, Somizi digs into a mouthwatering spread of sushi, fruit, cheese and crackers.
“If u see me looking 10kg heavier with a belly know that u have just seen the beginning coz im not stopping to eat till my holiday end which is around the 51st January, [sic]” he confessed to his

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