9 Healthy Bread Option and Alternatives.

9 Healthy Bread Option and Alternatives.

Bread has been known to be relatively high in carbohydrate, calories, and an ability to destroy your diet or weight plan. So some people with diabetes and health issue will or may benefit from using alternatives to bread options as outlined below

More reason while we look into alternatives, is to reduce the exposure to gluten, which might be a health hazard issues for people with celiac disease.

In the below guide, we expatiate bread alternatives, their uses, benefit and more:

Wrapped Bread Substitute
Rolled Bread Substitute
Sliced bread Substitute

Looking for a bread substitute? That will serve as a wrap; there are quite a few options to choose from. Just make sure to use the healthiest option.(Lettuce Wrap)

    The North Stafford shire oatcake is basically oat pancakes and not to be mistaken with Scottish oatcakes which are quite smaller with a biscuit form.
    Just to be clear, whole meal pita bread has around 45gram of carbohydrate per 100gram, while North Stafford shire oatcakes have 30gram of carbohydrate per 100gram.
    North Staffs oatcakes are quite heavier than the pita bread and can be rolled with your choice filling
    If you’re looking for a more Carbohydrate Substitute, to lettuce wraps, which also has a lower effect of blood glucose levels than bread, then, North Staffs oatcakes could be your best option.
    The Rice paper is a Substitute to bread wraps. But just to be warned, it is relatively high in carbohydrate. So we wouldn’t necessarily recommend using rice paper unless it is for small portions. Using rice paper as a wrap, it will be advised, to be soaked in warm water first, before using.
    For those of you, that re looking for a good Substitute to soft white rolls, you can find a good replacement in ‘The Oopsie rolls’. This rolls idea, were the discovery finding of Mr. Jamie from the imaginative food website ‘Your Lighter side’.

The Oopsie rolls, are made up from 3 simple ingredients, which re as follow – eggs, cream cheese and cream of tartar, which are therefore very low in carbohydrate which has less than gram of carbohydrate per roll, which is also gluten free. Although oopsie rolls has twice as much fat as bread rolls, but the oopsie rolls have half the calories compare to bread rolls.

    Sliced bread re not necessarily a more resounding option, but it is ideal if you re choosing to eat lesser quantity per slice and try to chew slowly as well.
    The Crisp bread originated from the Scandinavia region and tends to be some what rigid. with this said, you might want to also understand that it is good for holding toppings and being spread onto in a similar way that toast is. If there’s a downside to crisp bread, it’s that it can most times get too stiff, brittle and can snap into pieces when attempting to bite.

To get this problem sorted, it would be ideal to soften crisp bread before usage. One unique way to soften crisp bread is to put it into an air tight box, add cheese and leave out for some hours or preferably over night. This very unique process causes the cheese to sweat and become greasy therefore making the crisp bread to soften.

    Rye crisp bread is a good pick as well as it tends it tends to be relatively low carbohydrate and high fiber. Rye bread helps you stay healthy and maintains your weight, while leaving you full and going as well.
    This is for those looking to try their hand at cooking bread substitute; I will advise that they can try almond bread. The Almond bread is made using almond flour, which has a significantly lesser carbohydrate density than the whole wheat flour options.

The process of using eggs together with the almond flour will help the bread to hold together and give it a much desired shape and ready to eat. Its finished bread will have a consistency that will be in-between bread and cake.

It will also be thrilling to know that the almond bread has a much desired advantage of being gluten free.

    The Scottish oatcakes tend to come in small shape, so are perhaps a better replacement for crackers rather than bread. They are also a good option, if you need something relatively solid to hold a small portion. The Scottish oatcakes, has a satisfying texture and are less brittle than crackers.

The Oatcakes option, goes well with savory toppings such as pate, cheeses and cream cheeses but can also work well enough with your sweet toppings such as marmalade or bilberry jam.

Using the smaller size of oatcakes may be useful for those looking to reduce portion sizes, with a GI rating of around 55; the rise in blood sugar will be far slower than bread option.

as we all might have found out from numerous posts, tips and ideas over the internet, Oats are a very good source of soluble fiber and their cholesterol lowering properties are well documented as well.

    Let’s say all the options above are kind of too far fetched for you and you re really looking for the real deal with bread, but want to pick an option with a low carbohydrate value, look for whole grain breads Soya and linseed. This substitute option, have a lower carbohydrate value per slice which can be as little as 60% the carbohydrate of some whole meal bread slices.

So, above are my ideas on an easy and a more healthy way to keep you self out of unhealthy bread choices. Please feel free to drop your comment in the comment section on how to improve our services to you and your loved ones. also let us know how helpful you have found this post as well.

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