1. Moisturizing your skin with a rose water face cleanser.

If you re fazed with a skin condition that leaves your skin overly dry and dehydrated, i strongly believe this is for you. First make sure you wash your face regular, to take out every oil residue and keep the face moist and clean, then after that, you can use the rose water cleansing agent with a very soft cotton wool to stroke your face gentle until it has deep cleaned your face. Then use a very less oily body lotion to help with the moisturizing of your face.  This is the easier way to keep you your face moist and hydrated.

Lay off facial scrubs use acid toner instead

Another effective way in taking care of your skin is by using acid toners. Acid toners re a very effective tool against dry skin, cracked skin and black heads.  It would be a wise choice to always rinse before applying the toner to your face. Do not apply to an already oil skin.

The skin toner works as an exfoliating agent to get rid of dry skin and breakage in facial cell compounds.

3. moisturize Or add serum

As soon as you confirm that your dry skin has been washed,  Hunt for a product that is designed for sensitive skin, which includes natural ingredients. Some calming however moisturizing ingredients to appear out for embrace avocado, Shea butter, chamomile, lavender, and rose. When you cleanse, gently dry your face and add the moisturizer to slightly damp skin.

4. Keep your face towel clean at all times.

Cleanliness they said is next to godliness.  But imagine a case where you have to use a dirty towel after applying all the above ideas for a good looking skin, do you think you stand a chance to control your skin 100%? The answer is no.

Wash your towel always. Preferably it should be a white towel. This will help you to know when its time to wash and helps you to give your face the cleanliness it deserves.

5. Use Steam rooms to open up your pulse

Steam rooms and steamed towels actually helps you burn out some dead skin and helps open up your pulse for a more effective cleansing and helps you take out dead cells and acnes.

The key to a more lovely looking skin is adhering to the above ideas and tips on a much more effective way to take care of your skin.

In our daily lives, most of us struggle with all kinds of skin problem and acne issues.  So this has pushed me to drop this little post and idea of how I got my self sorted regarding skin troubles, acne, dead skin, black head, dead skin and skin breakage.

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